Engineering – Procurement – Construction is a National Construction and General Supplier (still further known as JFK), successor company from PT. Jala Fero Kencana as previous Company.

Our previous company, full established in 2005 to provide and contribute our services to the Development of Indonesian Industries in Oil and Gas Facilities Projects.

JFK also has 4 (four) subsidiaries companies :

PT. Jala Fungsi Kreasindo

Structural Construction


PT. Menara Persada Interbuana

Management & Engineering Consultant.


PT. Alam Sari Interbuana

Supply & Provide Indonesian Spices


PT Dana Dyaksa Nusantara

Empowering Creativity for Your Business Growth




Construction engineering team at PT. Jala Fabrikasi Kencana preparation of fabrication and construction drawings, which provide the basis for fabrication work. They are also experienced in architectural design and the like.

To support the activities of engineering, PT. Jala Fabrikasi Kencana nets Kencana utilize a number of software engineering and we also have a comprehensive library of engineering dossiers engineering, as-built documents, procedures, standards, etc. to accelerate the engineering process.


We are from PT. Jala Fabrikasi Kencana engaged in the field of Constructions, we also provide procurement services or commonly called Procurement and materials for project needs for your company. We have people who are competent in the field of Procurement. The main purpose of the procurement department itself in a company is how they get the goods or services required by the company with price, after sales service, quality, the best quantity that suits the needs of the company/organization.

The Company/Organization strongly emphasizes the importance of honesty and fairness in this procurement process (particularly in the tender/supplier selection bid). Because if done carelessly and inappropriately can result in the extent of the company’s budget wastage until dragged into legal issues (there are some legislation which regulates the procurement matters in government institutions).

Construction And Fabrication

PT. Jala Fabrikasi Kencana which has been established since February 2015 is engaged in Engineering, Procurement and Construction. And we can say that we are Reliable in terms of Construction and Fabrication in Architectural field of course.
In Construction Field PT. Jala Fabrikasi Kencana has qualified personnel to handle the field. And we can also handle the Constructions in Offshore and Onshore.

Fabrication is a series of work of several components of material in the form of plates, pipes or steel profiles strung together and formed step by step based on certain items until it becomes a form that can be mounted into a series of production equipment and construction.



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