PT Dana Dyaksa NusantaraPT Dana Dyaksa Nusantara

we don’t just: think outside the box… we think in
new dimensions

Challenge the obvious “dimensions” or assumptions of the problem.
Are they true imensions orlimitations or just the obvious or existing
assumptions? If you can change them, you can change your entire
thinking about what is possible.

1. DAYA or PT DANA DYAKSA NUSANTARA based in Jakarta – Indonesia since 2017
is subsidiary of JFK GROUP
2. Our work is to organize, facilitate and collaborating creative thinkers
3. A company that specialized in Creative Business and Innovation
4. With our partners, we help large organization to develop innovative ideas, also
to find, create and produce creative solution to their challenges

Unity in Creativity

collaboration in creative business is king!

collaboration in creative business is king! Our company grow and expand from identifying good partnership opportunities and even creating new business, programs, concept and products through these collaborations.



a company with excellent
performance & products
for the pride of nation


• to become best solution and most-preferred for business, people
and the Government as strategic business partner.
• to optimize corporate values through development o f human
capital, products and services with technopreneurship mindset.

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